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How To Teach Your Puppy The Basics Of Obedience Commands
How To Teach Your Puppy The Basics Of Obedience Commands
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Training Your Poodle


To establish healthy relationships with their owners, puppies require gentle and constant education. The puppies must also master basic obedience commands like Sit & Come.

Begin by teaching basic body control, using treats as reinforcement for good behavior. If you want to teach your dog what you want them to do by combining body movements with commands that are simple like Sit & Come.

Sit and Come

Sit & Come, a great method for training puppies is because it encourages calm relaxation and allows you to manage your dog. She will learn that if she is able to complete a task successfully it will be rewarded.

Begin by getting your pet to lie down. Next, you can give them a treat. Slowly draw the food down between their front feet until it is on the ground and be sure to reward them once they sit.

After a couple of repetitions after a few repetitions, you can add the verbal command, "Sit" as you lower the food lure to the ground. If you have any questions pertaining to where by and how to use Training Your Poodle, you can make contact with us at the website. This may take a while before the dog reacts you either through your voice or hand signal.

Eventually, you can train your puppy to lie down with no lure, and enjoy a reward. It's a good way to teach your dog to obey the "sit" signal. This will help prevent any further issues related to behavior.

Leash Training

The most well-known method of teaching puppies is to use leash training. Positive reinforcement is employed to train a dog to remain calm and stay with you whenever they are on leashes.

Begin by getting the collar and leash and getting your puppy to think of them as good things (like food items). After he has become at ease with the collar and leash, it is time to let your puppy to the outside with you in a secure space.

Make use of a sound signal to get your dog to come nearer to.

You should continue until the dog is on the side of yours, without other distractions, and staying the dog's attention.

You should keep your interactions short and short, especially when you have a puppy who is young or has a limited attention duration. It is crucial because puppies have a lot of energy, and will likely want to release it by doing a lot of running.

Basic Acceptance

The puppy must learn to respond when they are requested to. This basic skill can be taught quickly and the puppy will be at ease and secure at home.

It's crucial to work in a peaceful environment. Sessions should run at least five minutes. This is because puppies' focus spans are short so long-running sessions may make puppies bored and unhappy.

Begin by fastening a dog leash that is at least 6 feet in length to your dog. Next, you should pull gently as you say "Come!" Give lots of praise when he does come to you.

After your puppy has learned the game of recall Once your puppy has learned the game, you are able to take him to another area in your home. This is a difficult skill to master but it can be life-saving for your dog. This is among their most valuable skills.


Socialization is a critical component of puppy training and is an excellent way to make sure that your puppy grows into a confident, calm and well-behaved dog. This involves the introduction of puppies to various sights, sounds scents, and smells through systematic interactions in order to develop positive bonds.

As soon as your puppy turns a just a few weeks old it's best to start introducing them to a variety of different people and dogs. It will aid them in learning to become more comfortable and less likely to fear your dog later on.

It's essential that you give your dog many opportunities for one-on one interactions with others as they progress through this stage of socialization. Additionally, you could offer tiny treats to your puppy before you let them interact with others.

It will prevent them from getting scared around strangers, and decrease their chances of becoming scared of strangers. Once your pup is confident to meet other dogs, introduce them to pets Be sure to be within the appropriate limits.

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